Sunday, February 19, 2012


Adam has been working closer to home now for two months. It's so refreshing having him near. This evening as he read to the kids, I stuck my head in the doorway and just observed. They were all snuggled next to him listening to the story. It was just perfect. I have greatly enjoyed these weeks we have had together. Dinners with all of us at the table, bedtime readings shared and evenings of not waiting up for him wondering if he would be home sooner rather than later. YAY! I am one happy lady.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ryan McGee, Kindergartener

I can't believe I have a child in school! Where have the last five years gone? I really hope Ryan continues to enjoy school as much as he does right now. He loves riding the bus. He loves learning new things and making friends. I pray he will be a life-long learner!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Someone recently brought my attention to the Joy the Baker website. I look at the previous posts, the recipe index and my mouth waters. I like the site because it not only has really sinfully looking food ideas, but it also has gluten free recipes. I can't wait to try this cookie recipe! Happy browsing...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ryan

Ryan celebrated his fifth birthday yesterday. He chose Chinese food for his special meal and chocolate ice cream with jimmies for dessert. He is very excited about being five and getting to go to school in the fall. The weather here resembles the weather during the week leading up to his birth - lots of rain.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I can't believe that Ryan will be five next month. Where has the time gone?

This weekend, I learned two things about my big boy.

#1 He is adapting and changing every day. He wore jeans for the first time, mainly because he wanted to look cool like his daddy and his uncle Vince. He overcame his issue with the rough texture and wore them without complaining.

#2 He really has issues with milk. One day of not drinking soy sent us back down the path we were on almost a year go with constipation and wicked irritability. We are detoxing now that we are back home. We also learned that you have to look in different sections of different stores to fine alternatives to milk. Here's hoping the crankies go away soon since our new babysitter starts tomorrow (I found her on!) and I want him back to the wonderful 4 year old he has been lately :)

Ry - I love you my big boy!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I have the most amazing babysitter. My kids LOVE her. She plays awesome games with them, builds forts that take up my entire living room and can get Tim to take a nap so easily.

She has a real job that has been keeping her really busy with overtime which forces me to look for a new babysitter. I dislike looking for a new sitter because I need a sitter for Saturday mornings... and let's face it... not many people want to work Saturday mornings.

So my quest begins again. I've put in lots of requests with just about everyone I know to ask around. I have two weeks to come up with someone, but not just anyone... an amazing someone whom my kids will love and whom I will feel comfortable leaving them with for five hours on a Saturday.

This Tuesday, my wonderful babysitter put her mother to rest so she wasn't here. It's a night I need her while I take banking classes. I had a nice plan of how I was going to get through the evening. I took out a new movie from the library, planned to pop popcorn and even set out games for the boys to play together. I expressed to them that I would simply be in the other room if they needed me but that they had to be quiet too.

It was an interesting night. Tim cried... a lot... because I was using "his" computer! He cried because he wanted to watch Dora and not the movie we had running. He did eat all of his popcorn and for the last half hour quietly played with puzzles. The boys were so quiet for the last half hour that I feared they were up to no good. But we made it through class without our beloved babysitter. Thank heaven for the mute button on the phone. I am convinced no one heard my begging them to be quiet because I went to answer a question and was asked if I was still there. I remember the mute button and did answer the instructor and smiled knowing no one had heard our horrible evening.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I enjoyed reading this post that someone shared on Facebook this week and I wanted to share it with you all. It's taken from "The Nine Words that make Christianity make sense."

When I talk to atheists about Christianity, one of the most common objections they raise is the existence of suffering. An atheist friend recently cited one of the more disgusting stories from the day's news and asked: "How can you believe that there's a loving God when something like that happened?"

One self-described ex-Christian explained it to me this way: "They always told me in church that Jesus died on the cross for me because he loved me. I used to believe that, and then my mom got cancer and my sister was killed in a car accident. Now I don't see why Jesus' death on the cross matters, and I definitely don't believe that He loves me."

I can sympathize with those feelings. Though I've never seriously doubted the Faith, the moments when I feel most distant from God, least able to make sense of it all, are when I hear of great injustice and suffering.

This is why we need Ash Wednesday. Because it is there that we receive the key piece of information that makes it all make sense. 'THOU ART DUST AND TO DUST THOU SHALT RETURN" These words from Genesis 3:19 are probably the one thing we can all agree. When we slide into the mentality that our eternity is here, that this world is all there is--Christianity ceases to make sense. A God who permits a finite amount of suffering & injustice doesn't seem so cold when you consider He is leading us toward eternity of perfect peace and justice. When we adopt a heaven-centered worldview, it all starts to make sense.

Where are you going? That's the most important question for a traveler. We are all living travelers. Death calls us all and moves us on. If heaven is not the answer to the question, our whole faith is false. If it is, then there's nothing more important, indeed the whole world is only heaven's womb. When you hear the 9-word-litany Thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return, we are reminded of the truth that our lives here on earth are merely a brief stay in the womb of heaven....